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You need a great web designer.  Our company is here to help.

Get a professional website developed with everything you need for a strong web presence. First Fortune Marketing LLC designs and develops websites at affordable prices, that include features most companies fail to offer your project. Get everything you need right from the start like SEO, optimization, stock images/video, and more. Contact us today to get started with your website design. Our process takes around 2 weeks for the average client project.

Web design is a vital part of modern business. You need a solid presence online to be competitive. Many companies lack the knowledge and resources in house to achieve their goals. That is where we come in. If you are a Cincinnati, Ohio business looking for website design or to improve your existing web presence, look no further. First Fortune Marketing, LLC offers clients a solution that works. We can handle more than just web design and web development; check out our full list of services that can help your business grow.

We are an award winning top rated Web Designer, SEO Agency, and Digital Marketing Agency. If your business is located in Cincinnati and you want someone local that you can trust, look no further! First Fortune Marketing is here to help your business from website to customer acquisition.


Top Rated Web Designer Award

Ohio Cincinnati Web Design Agency Award 2021

Top Rated SEO Agency Award

Ohio Cincinnati SEO Agency Award 2021

Top Rated Marketing Agency Award

Ohio Cincinnati Digital Marketing Agency Award 2021

Does Web Design Make A Difference? Site Speed Matter? Code Matter? Website Content Help?

Yes! Every element of your website can make a difference. From color and code all the way down to word selection. Your website is a collective, only as strong as it’s weakest parts. Let us find and improve the portions of your site that are holding you back.

Our Web Design Just Works

  • NEasy To Update

    We use self hosted WordPress as a Content Management System. Updating your site is as easy as using a text editor.

  • NFeature Rich

    Add thousands of amazing features to your website without expensive development costs. Forms, galleries, integrations, ecommerce, forums, social, and so much more.

  • NEfficient

    Websites that can grow and flow with your changing business.

  • NWebsite Optimizations

    Fast loading websites with image, code, and server optimizations.

  • NAffordable

    Cut out the expensive development costs!

  • NMade for You

    Your brand, your feel, your image, your message.

  • NSecure

    Automated brute force protections. 2 factor authentication enabled. Keep your site secure.

  • NExtensive Documentation

    Massive libraries, blogs, and forums full of extensive WordPress documentation.

  • NRegular App/Framework Updates

    Regular updates that improve security, remove bugs, and add features.

  • NFull Control

    Have control to add features and technologies you need along any design change you can dream up.

  • NSEO Friendly

    Search Engine Optimization friendly systems to assist in better rankings and clearer messages.

  • NDynamic Content CMS

    Your content is separate from your design. Fully change your website design while keeping content.

A Trusted Cincinnati Website Design Company

We strive to create websites that grow with our clients. Our SEO work delivers results in traffic and ranking. Every project has your interests in mind.

Website Improvements

Even if you have a modern website, chances are we can help take it to the next level. We consult with global clients through our SEO services, web optimizations to decrease site loading time, user experience improvements, and design.

First Fortune Marketing LLC offers three comprehensive monthly packages that will allow you to make website improvements a priority. We include detailed tracking and monthly reporting to keep you in touch with your site performance.

Interested in learning more about your site’s current performance? Contact us with the URL of your website so that our team can provide free insights to current performance and opportunities for further growth.

1. Web Development

Website blueprint framework coding

2. Layout & Design

Website blueprint layout blocks

3. Effective Website

Website Blueprint design content

Give Us A Call

We love chatting with entrepreneurs and helping people! For any off hours inquiries please use our contact page and someone from our team with reach out soon.

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Marketing Services

First Fortune Marketing LLC provides web design and SEO to many clients, but it doesn’t end there. Check out our Services Page to find out what else we can do to help your business. We are located in Blue Ash, Ohio if your projects require on site work or in person meetings.

We provide a full spectrum of marketing services including digital and traditional marketing design. We can set you up with successful social media advertising campaigns, pay per click, radio ads, video, and more. Our services go all the way down to revamping your old business cards.

First Fortune Marketing LLC strives to be a major asset to small businesses. It’s our goal to be your only phone call when you need growth and results.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s no mystery that being on the first page of Google is typically a good thing. First Fortune Marketing LLC takes SEO to a whole new level. We offer monthly packages centered around a simple process and effective communication. We talk with our clients monthly about their progress, opportunities, and monthly action plan… in simple language they can understand. Our clients don’t just get SEO over the first few months, they learn SEO. We position our clients for success with all of their future website content by teaching and explaining during our process. Perfect for small businesses or companies with an in-house website manager.

We practice purely white hat search engine optimization, with our strongest focus on great content.

SEO Insights

We have powerful tools that can answer questions you never knew you had.

  • What’s different between my website and my competitors?
  • What are the easiest keywords to rank well with for my business?
  • What’s the dollar value of my organic traffic if it had come from advertising?
  • What negative traits can we fix with my website right away?
  • What advertising keywords are my competitors using?

How SEO Can Help Your Website

If you want more business, website improvements, web traffic, longer website visits, and a growing knowledge of search engine optimization visit our SEO page and get started on one of our monthly plans.

COVID-19 Business Practices

We are open. Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic we have limited in person meetings to only those necessary. We offer 100% virtual communication to our clients at no additional charge. We have tools in place to allow video, audio, screen sharing, and conferencing for up to 100,000 people at a time (that’s right 100,000). Our contract systems have been swapped over to digital e-sign only and our entire team is working remotely. Remote assistance tools have been rolled out to replace some in-person computer work at on-site client locations.

If you have a need to update your business models in a similar fashion to virtual methods, we can help with that. If you are a business and want to brainstorm your options for remote work, please contact us. We will try to help you with possible options and we will do this 100% free of charge. Community is incredibly important to us and we want to help struggling businesses where we can.

First Fortune Marketing LLC is lucky to be in a situation where our work and team can remain highly effective through technology. We encourage others to do the same where possible to avoid potential regulation and increase employee quality of life.



Web Design and Development experience on a wide variety of project types and industries.


Proven techniques and cutting edge methods to give your website awesome results.


Quickly get your ideas and vision online with a great website that works like a charm.

Matt! You’re our current favorite person! Thank you! You’re awesome, if we didn’t already have 5 kids we would name our next kid Matt.

Reliant Carpentry

Matt is easy to work with. He’s fast. He’s fair. He can collaborate online. His pricing is decent and he does good work.

Blackbox Preparedness

Matt does a very good job and a fair price. He can provide website building as well as seo. In my case I had someone else build the site and there were tons of errors. Matt was able to locate them and fix. He also pulled the ranking up on the seo site as well. If you need a site built don’t settle with fancy pictures and no back end work on the site. The back of the site is as important as the front. He is very good on the front side (building the site) and back side as well. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend First Fortune Marketing.

Home Based Carpet & Flooring

Website Design

Logo Design

How We Are Different

We come from a business background. We recognize processes, technologies, and strategies that can help your business.

We know what we are doing. Working with websites for over ten years we have outlived many online trends and even watched some pop back into style. We keep up to date on changing technologies and try to translate that into advantages for our clients.

We love to brainstorm! If you aren’t sure what direction to take online we would love to bounce around ideas with you. We talk to business owners regularly and have probably already solved similar challenges. If you aren’t sure what you need, how much it will cost, or how to get started we can help.

Most importantly we love what we do. That comes across clearly in our service quality and work quality. We deliver finished work with attention to even the small details that are rarely noticed. Contact us for your web design projects.


Stuff We like

We use WordPress for most of our projects. It’s a powerful website platform with near endless documentation and plugins. Using a content management system  (CMS) like WordPress will give you a whole list of benefits over static content based websites. We highly recommend that you look into WordPress if you’re not already using it.

We are a GoDaddy Pro member and also are on the GoDaddy Customer Council. You can easily grant us website access for site changes.

We have Adobe Creative Cloud available for use on your projects. And if you need stock photos check out Adobe Stock. We use it frequently.

We support local business, charitable giving, community outreach, and education.


Free Website Planning Resources

Beginning a web design project, it’s important to have a plan. You want to ensure that you and the web design company are on the same page right from the start. Our team has compiled free resources that you can use to plan your next web design project, contributing to better success for you from the start.

Website Features Planning

With any web development project there will be some must have features you’ll want to have. It’s vital to outline your needs clearly from the start of the project to ensure success, and our Free Website Planning Worksheet helps you achieve just that. Since our typical web design client may not be well-versed on all the latest website features, we’ve created this easy-to-use planning worksheet to help breakdown your options. Utilizing our Free Website Planning Worksheet will help you to outline and explain the necessary features you’re looking for on your site. Our free worksheet even includes an extensive list of over 140 available website features to give you an idea of what you may need to have. Nearly anything you can think up is possible to add to your website.

Free Website Features Planning Worksheet PDF Download

Website Page Planning

Creating a solid outline of your site hierarchy is a must. It keeps your web design project moving along and prevents going back to add important missing web pages later. Planning your website structure will help address issues with the overall flow of your content and other user experience concerns.

Our Free Website Page Planning Worksheet helps put your ideas to paper, breaking down website hierarchy and page content for easy input.

Free Website Page Planning Worksheet PDF Download

Ideal Website Visitor

Aside from a lack of planning, another large hurdle faced in the design process is not fully understanding the audience that is being targeted through web design. Some design companies may think they are creating a website for the individual paying for the job or even for the general internet population, but this is far from the truth. The end goal of web design is to provide a functional and easy-to-use space for target clientele. Knowing who that target audience is, before a web project commences, can be game changing for the design process.

To assist our clients with defining their Target Audience, First Fortune Marketing LLC has created a Free Website Visitor Qualities Worksheet to simplify this process. Our worksheet outlines qualities, characteristics, and challenges your ideal customer faces and will provide your web designer with helpful insights to best target your audience need.

Free Website Visitor Qualities Worksheet PDF Download

Get your website started today!

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