1. Content

Content is king on the internet.  There is nothing like putting quality content on your website.  Be sure to engage the reader while you are at it.  Comments and social sharing can go a long way.

2. Links

You can get amazing benefits from high page ranking websites linking back to your website.  Dmoz.org is a great directory to be included in, although it can take a while to get listed.  One of the easiest ways to get great links is by making site relevant YouTube videos.  Place your link in the video description after describing the video.  Mission accomplished.

3. Update Regularly

Updating gives search engines and your readers a real reason to come back.  Search engines love websites with fresh content.  Try to make a schedule monthly if that will help you stick with it.


Remember these tips and stay with it.  After a little hard work you should start seeing major improvements in your traffic and in time your Google Pagerank