Bring 2015 in right with a website starting at just $75 with our Starter Website Package. It’s no secret that if you aren’t on the web your business might be missing out on huge opportunities and countless customers. We wanted a way to give the “little guy” a chance this year with a package affordable to start ups and well developed businesses alike. After brainstorming countless possible solutions we came to something we are calling our Starter Website Package. We are local to the Cincinnati, Ohio area and here to talk face to face. We can often start your website after a quick talk over some coffee and payment.

So what is the Starter Website Package?

We are eliminating almost all of the website development cost risk for Cincinnati small businesses, hobbyists, organizations, and anyone else who might want a website. We also remote work nationwide! Building a quality website geared towards being effective on the web can cost tens of thousands or more and nearly always that cost is upfront. We created the Starter Website Package to make REAL WEBSITES affordable at a tiny monthly cost. Starting at just $75 per month with hosting included you really have to make a deal with us. Hosting alone could easily be over $10-$20 per month at popular providers. We are so sure that you will enjoy our work that our pricing structure is based around a three year development cost recovery. You can cancel the website anytime, but we don’t think you will want to!

Take Advantage of the Starter Website Package

There is virtually no risk in our Starter Website Package. We are taking on the cost of developing your website to allow you to focus your money on your business. We love working with start-ups! Tense business decisions are a thing of the past when it comes to a website. Just $75 per month for a professionally developed website is a no brainer!

What does the Starter Website Package Include?

We develop nearly all of our websites on the very same framework used by Beyoncé, Time, The New Yorker, General Chuck Yeager, Vogue, Google Ventures, NASA, McDonald’s, and many more. It’s our favorite solution to meet our very own professional standards of power, features, and versatility. Your website will be responsive to allow easy access for tablets and cell users, conforming to best fit different screen sizes. Google recommends well made responsive websites over separate mobile websites, not to mention the need to update two different sites while using a separate mobile version. Other features may include:

·         Easy to Update

·         Editing Login

·         Fast Load Times

·         Search Engine Optimization

·         Optimized Images

·         Hosted on Your Domain

·         Search Engine Ping

·         Blog

·         Ecommerce Options

·         Maps/Directions

·         Website Contact Form

·         Easy to embed Images/Videos

·         Automated Backups

·         Add new pages when YOU want!

Open Pricing Structure

We are transparent when it comes to our pricing structure. A basic service website is generally $75 per month. There is a $100 set up fee. This set up fee will also pay for your domain for one year. After the initial month it is smooth sailing with your monthly fee and the yearly low cost domain renewal.


You can cancel your website at anytime you wish! No credit checks and no mandatory time frame. The website, our content, and our media are never for sale. We assume control of the domain name and if you cancel you have the chance to retain control to do your own thing.

Contact Us Right Now!

We will work with local Cincinnati, Ohio businesses and even remote work nationwide! With these prices there really is a reason to have a great modern website in 2015. We know cost has been a hurdle for some of our clients in the past and it is now less than $200 to get started. It’s our mission this year to give as many Cincinnati area websites an edge over their competition as we can. Contact us here and tell us all about your business and what you are looking for. Be sure to include the best ways to get in touch with you. We are looking forward to working with you this year and years to come.