Why Your Small Business Needs A Professional Website

When you start an online business and assess website costs, you most likely lean towards using a template instead of paying a web designer for a professional website. Well, think again.

Here are some advantages of creating your own custom-designed website for your business.


Unique Design

To project a professional image you not only need to have a website, you need to have a great-looking website. The content does matter. But appearance of your website is probably even more important. Because this is the first thing your customer sees. Otherwise big companies would not spend such loads of cash on creating those gorgeous looking website.

This is basically your façade. Your online website is the window of your store. Would you want your store to look ordinary and mundane?

If you created a unique product or service that is different from your competition, you want to convey this message to the customer not only through your content, but also through your unique website design. It does not have to be expensive looking. It can be nice and neat. Simplicity is very trendy. But it needs to be unique.


Search Engine Friendly

When you hire a web designer to create a custom website, he or she has control over the code of your pages. And the code is very important for search engine optimization. A lot of tags and texts need to be modified to ensure great positions for your website pages in search engine results. Templates and free hosted website don’t give you much freedom and control over your code.


Ownership and Freedom

With free hosted services or templates you are tied to the service provider. In case you want to change hosting for cheaper monthly costs, you can’t just take your website and leave. You need to create it again. So why not to do things right the first time rather than do redundant tasks over again?

When you pay a professional to create you a website, you own you website. It means you are free to pack your bags and leave any time. If you don’t like the service or host, if they start having some customer service problems or technical difficulties, if they change the prices, it’s not a problem for you. You find a new hosting provider within 20 minutes, sign up and ftp your website files to a new host.


Scalability for Future Development

When you have your website professionally created for you, you have custom structure and menus. If you decide to add new products or services, you can do it with no problem. You will have more control. No need to increase allotted item limits and pay more for hosting.

Always allow yourself room to grow. A custom-designed website is scalable and adaptable to grow with your growing business as well as your changing needs. Especially, if you want to maintain your website yourself.

If you decide to add new technology to your website, some videos or interaction tools, signup features, new forms and you discover that your hands are tied up with the limits that your service provider or your template imposes, you will regret twice that you did not have your website custom designed.


Adaptability or Advertising space

Very often, free hosting service providers place ads on your pages. And even if this is not the case, templates usually don’t’ allow you much freedom with how you use space on your web pages. In case you decide to sell space on your site for advertisement and make a few bucks along the way, you will have control of where to place them if your website is custom designed.