Generate Instant Conversions With Your Website

Instant Sales For a Price

There is little that you can do with a fresh eCommerce website to generate near instant sales.  You have two main options.  The first is social sharing.  Secondly, and best way in many cases, is pay per click advertising.

These two methods are not a replacement for SEO, building links, and producing content.  It’s merely a short term fix until your hard work starts paying off.

With services like Google Adwords you can get targeted website traffic right down to specific demographics if you wish.  If you have a local service to sell marketing your business to only your immediate area will get the highest return for your investment.


Google Adwords is one of my favorite tools for fresh websites.  Here is how it works.  You create an account, load money, create a campaign, and then pay for each click on your ad.  Your ad position is mainly determined from your bid’s relation on the entered search keyword or phrase to the competitive bids.

Targeted ads are very important.  Find very precise keywords or phrases that will trigger your ad to be displayed.  Even use negative keywords which prevent your ad from displaying if that is applicable to your business.  If you are a storage facility offering storage lockers and vehicle storage space a negative keyword might be “tote,” “shelving,” or similar terms.  By using negative keywords you can stretch your advertising dollar to only your targeted potential customers.

If you are a first time Google Adwords user find a coupon for free ad credit.  Promotions vary but every little bit helps.  At times there are some substantial free credit offers going into the hundreds.

Bidding on keywords can be a deciding factor in your campaign making money.  Position number two, while it will generally have less clicks, has a higher conversion rate in many studies.  Try to hit the “sweet spot” on the bid to click ratio if you want the most for your money.  Use daily budgets to manage your traffic and potential sales.

It normally takes very little time to start seeing your first visitors.  I have finished websites and had customers coming in generating sales the very first day with Adwords.  Don’t be shy from trying Adwords if you have an established website.  Putting time and money into increasing traffic can still help your numbers to grow.  If your website is a car then your traffic is the gasoline.  The bigger and faster the car the more gasoline you need to stay moving.