First Fortune Marketing LLC 2021 Rates & Payment Information

First Fortune Marketing Payment infographic

Basic Rate Info

Hourly Rate: $150

Onsite Hourly Rate: $225

Purchase Charge: 20%

Payment Terms

All invoices will require payment within 10 days of invoice creation.

8% late fee on past due invoices

$2,250 maximum outstanding invoice limit for established clients.. Once invoices reach this threshold payment will be required before continuing work.  This allows for multiple projects to be going at once without complicated payment schedules being set and keeps project completion quick and without in person meetings. This limit equates to 15 hours normal hourly work or 10 hours on site work.

New clients and per project billing require upfront payment before work can begin. This is decided on a per project basis and starts at 50% up front.

If a client has a past due invoice, work will stop on their projects until their account is paid current. Frequent past due invoices may result in dropping all client projects.


All proposals have an expiration date posted to them. Typically, we give clients a two week window to review proposals. After expiration, proposals are no longer valid and may need reassessed.  Upon accepting the proposal, payment on any deposit is due within 10 days. No work will be started until any such payments are received.

Extra Info

Payment terms are subject to change, special terms and conditions may apply.

If you have any questions, please contact us.