In the countless websites I have worked with there has been a major trend of extra potential in one area.  Alt tags and image names.  If you want an edge on your competition you can usually start right there.

What is an alt tag

An alt tag is a for of placeholder for images that don’t load.  In the event an image will not load the alt tag is used to describe the image in the visitors browser.  Search engines mainly read text right now, but image reading is getting more and perfected.  When a search engine such as Google sees a photo with an alt tag of “1957 chevrolet blue” it knows the photo is probably relevant to show on an image search of “blue 1957 Chevrolet.”  The same goes for image file names.

A large reason for doing an overhaul on your images right now is that image search is becoming more and more popular.  Another reason is that more than likely your competitors are not using proper alt tags.  Don’t miss out on possible customers using images that might enjoy finding your website.  Having relevant alt tags can also help improve the relevancy of your website content on search engines.  Search engine optimization can be a long slow process so take advantage of the addition traffic from well described images.

The more accurate and descriptive you are with your alt tags the better. In the above example of a “1957 Blue Chevrolet” you may find better results with extra detail. Something like “1957 Chevrolet Bel Air blue convertible” might serve as a higher performing alt tag. Without the extra detail you won’t be as relevant in searches including the missing terms “Bel Air” and “convertible.”