Logitech Means Quality

Many readers will instantly be familiar with the Logitech brand, but have you given them a chance with your business? Logitech offers some of the very best customer service that I have seen, not only in computer accessories, but the very best in any industry. I have used a multitude of Logitech products extensively and personally think you can’t go wrong with giving them your business.

Being in front of a computer as much as I am, I greatly appreciate the efficiency their products bring to my workflow. Currently I use their g700 gaming mouse for work and play. Their gaming line has some pretty great features that also excel with working. On the fly button remapping, and there are plenty of them, coupled with transitioning through DPI settings makes it fantastic for graphic design and shortcuts on your favorite software.

I recently purchased a mid level headset with microphone from them and that’s what pushed me to write this article. The quality of sound crushes another pair of headphones I have that were more than triple the cost. The sound is rich, the bass deep, and no batteries to change like my ultra high end headphones.

I have interacted with Logitech customer service on one rare unfortunate occasion and it was surprisingly refreshing to find a company who takes such good care of their customers. My issue was resolved in a more than satisfactory manner. You can’t say that you will smile often on the phone with customer service, but with Logitech you just might.

I don’t think there is any room for arguing price with Logitech products. Their products are fantastic quality, long lasting, and you will likely save money sticking with them for any mid to high end purchases. I think the mid to high end rage of the Logitech lines are the perfect sweet spot in features vs. pricing. If you haven’t given them a try yet, I think that you should.

(This post is my person opinion. I am not affiliated with Logitech.  They have outperformed other companies in my opinion and have my full recommendation.)