Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Cutting-edge SEO tools give a reporting level that’s hard to match. Extra data turns into additional opportunities for results. There is no point in search engine optimization unless it’s based on rock solid tracking.

Get the best results by looking at SEO from a visitor perspective foremost. Improving the foundations of your website first. Things like user experience, page speed, and modern technologies exponentially help your website succeed.

Our process is efficient: Monitoring, Analysis, Planning, Action.

We have 3 tiers of search engine optimization. Each offering different levels of monthly reporting and monitoring. Choose the best package to suit your needs. Standard SEO Package, Premium SEO Package, or All-Out SEO Package. We don’t have minimum duration to our SEO packages. We do recommend only purchasing if it’s a long term priority.

Don’t worry if you’re new to SEO. Get a broad overview of search engine optimization by reading our WordPress 2020 SEO Guide.

We work closely with you during the optimization process. We have successfully designed and improved many websites. Let’s grow your business together. Our clients have been covered in media outlets like: Local 12, WLWT5, WCPO 9, The Enquirer, Cincinnati Magazine, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal.

We have many supporting services to help manage, train, and grow your website. We offer Web Design services, if your website needs more than just more traffic. Check out our support page for more information on opportunities to improve your website. If you’re a local Cincinnati client and want a reliable website host we provide hosting. With our company you can get servers closer to Cincinnati than places commonly used by major providers.

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Competition Analysis

Brand Monitoring

Action Plans

Position Tracking

Keyword Research

Backlink Auditing

Site Health Reporting

Page Speed Optimization

Advertising Research

Domain Comparison

Organic Traffic Analysis

SEO Process

Our search engine optimization is made up of four parts. We capture data. Analyize that data. Make a plan. Take action. We use this process every month to make your website better. Better performance, higher conversions, more traffic. If your website has a solid framework we start our process to get results.



The most vital part of SEO is monitoring. Key data points provide tracking of progress. Being able to see milestones and identify issues quickly is paramount. We try to take frustration from search engine optimization by showing progress and issues, with data to back it up.


Many of our clients don’t have the resources to translate complex SEO reports into tangable information. We turn this data into easy to understand action. Many times we even go over the report highlights each month.


With lots of data search engine optimization gets more efficient. Learning where your website needs improvement and making plans to improve is what we do. We both want powerful results from SEO and planning is crucial.


After setting a solid SEO plan in place we take action based on data. Making changes and improvements to your website. Then report on that action to verify your progress. Step by step we make improvements to your website’s search ranking.

SEO Packages

We offer monthly packages to get your website on track. Each search engine optimization package offers different levels of reporting. SEO reports include a monthly action plan for you to carry out. If you want us to handle your website changes we do so at our hourly rate. We like to keep action plans within your budget. Making website improvements at a comfortable sustainable pace. Make website improvements a priority and work on it long term. Organic website traffic is a rich way to grow your business. Become an authoritative source in your field.