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We help businesses around the country with marketing and we really love doing business locally. Our main focus is helping Cincinnati businesses to get the customers that they need and look good doing it. That might involve developing a website for their business or just putting together some marketing materials. Our customers are happy and you can be too!

Take a quick look around our services page and check out what we can do for you. If you see something that might help your business Contact Us. If you’re unsure of what you need you should still contact us. We can certainly help you create a marketing strategy and plan that will be effective for you.

Over the years we have become the go to phone call for many clients when they need something odd. If you have a phone hold message that needs updated, a computer software issue, broke your cell phone, or anything in between it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask. We have many skills not listed below and plenty of contacts.

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Cincinnati’s Premiere Web Design Company

There have been countless tools released to allow quick web design. Even for people with little to no experience. It’s not hard to hammer out a website over the course of a week. What you might not know is that web design isn’t just visual. Website success relies on countless other factors, many of which can get highly technical. Competition online is arguably higher than ever. Hiring the right pro is critical to building a solid website.

First Fortune Marketing LLC has studied, honed our craft, gathered feedback, and analyzed data over years to formulate prosperous website options. Don’t deal with the pitfalls of inexperience. Hire First Fortune Marketing LLC to design your website.

Find out why First Fortune Marketing LLC is Cincinnati’s premiere web design company:

Business Background

We have owned businesses in a variety of fields before starting First Fortune Marketing LLC. We have likely been in similar situations to you, faced similar problems, and had to work through those in the past. We use our business experience to identify issues and offer solutions that work. It’s that simple. We want you to be successful and grow, just like our company is.


First Fortune Marketing LLC has over 15 years of experience in web design and technologies. We have worked with clients on everything from large social media web development projects to eCommerce and service business web design projects. We have seen what works and what doesn’t. First Fortune Marketing LLC passes on our experience to client projects in the form of success.


An important part of web design is comprehensive knowledge of related technology. We have exactly that. Having a solid understanding of things like servers, caching, CDN’s, image compression, digital security, SEO, and optimization puts our website designs many steps ahead of the curve. Pretty sites worked well in 2001, today your website needs more. When competition is high you need to benchmark above other businesses across the board. More obscure online concepts, like brand consistancy, could be holding your website back.


We are great at creating your vision into a website, however complex. Have an online business idea writen on a napkin? We are comfortable taking on those projects and getting your website online. First Fortune Marketing can match your exsisting branding, create you something new, and even help you to identify your ideal website visitor. Chances are we have created any type of website you may want, many times over.

Web Design

Do you need a website that communicates with your customers effectively? Look no further! First Fortune Marketing LLC offers bespoke web design. Every website design is tailor made to your needs. We analyize your business’s problems, solutions, and systems to create results driven websites.

Our website designs are mobile friendly, easy to manage/update, secure, and highly expandable. We use well documented Content Management Systems like self-hosted WordPress to give you dynamic content that you can grow with. If in 5 years you want a fresh new look it’s totally possible without the need to populate all of your website’s content over again.

We have a strong background and practice in SEO, so our work is optimized. Streamlining user experience with optimized images, minified code, and heightened site content structures is a must. Don’t settle for just any website, get the best you can. First Fortune Marketing LLC has been around since 2014. We started designing website’s even before our business was launched. We have over 15 years experience in web design and technologies.



Web Development

Do you need specialized website features? Need website technologies beyond a contact form or information pages? We can help develop nearly any idea into an online business. First Fortune Marketing LLC works primarily in WordPress and as such there are 50,000 plugins officially available. These plugins offer a fast track to many powerful site features and if they won’t cut it we can develop something bespoke.

Most of our clients are surprised at the already available website features that don’t involve hundreds of billable hours coding.

Custom website development isn’t always the cheapest of options, but it allows the most flexibility in working towards your goals. We offer technical website development where its needed, but encourage proof of concepts and prototyping for start-ups.

Note to potential clients: We do not sign Non Disclosure Agreements. We take privacy and IP very seriously, but also strive to allow all our clients to benefit directly from our vast experience. In our prior document reviews most NDA’s are too vague, over-reaching into our daily business practices and common tasks. To compound our findings all NDA’s requests have been for project types that we have created many times over. To best serve our clients and keep pricing affordable we enacted the strategy of not signing NDA’s. We make no acceptions to this policy.


Devlopment Services

  • WordPress Plugins
  • Minification
  • Error Corrections
  • Optimizations

Programming languages

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Javascript

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We offer an exhaustive suite of SEO services. Everything your business needs to improve Google Search ranking, be successful online, grow your traffic, optimize, and track statistics. If you want to improve your website check out First Fortune Marketing LLC’s SEO Services for more detailed information. Are you new to SEO? Want to learn more about Search Engine Optimization and it’s factors? Check out our massive WordPress 2020 SEO Guide.

Search Engine Optimization is a touchy subject to many. It’s highly important, we can’t stress this enough, that you make good choices while handling your SEO. Doing the wrong thing or hiring one of those “Get on the first page of Google Guaranteed for $60” services is almost sure to negatively effect your ranking. Sometimes these effects can be permanent in the form of blacklisting your website. Take a look at Google’s SEO starter guide which provides a great list rules.

Our services are white hat (ethical). We put content, optimization, and signals above all else. That coupled with rock solid tracking is our recipe for success. With our monthly packages we show you valuable statistics. Tracking your SEO campaign progression and planning our next steps together.

Graphic Design

First Fortune Marketing LLC provides graphic design for all types of projects. Your business can outsource nearly anything you might need directly from our company. We can follow branding guidelines or help you establish those guidelines. Logo design, business cards, social media graphics, and advertising materials are some of our most common client projects.

We use industry standard file formats and software (Adobe Creative Cloud). Our designs can be vector and print compatible to ensure crisp detail at any size. First Fortune Marketing LLC will take the guesswork out of graphic design by compiling a project brief and designing your assets the correct way, size, and format. We can work with your printer or other contractors to improve communications.

If you need graphic design anywhere in the Cincinnati area, contact us to get started.