Video Intros – You Need One

Video Intros are a great way to brand your videos.  Intros help to set you apart from the competition and get the always important brand in front of your audience one extra time.  They can also help your audience to pick you out of a crowd of results once they develop a relationship with your content.

Video Intro Length

Intros can be long or short depending on the audience, use of the intro, and recognition of the brand.  For a new brand a longer intro might be good for the first set of content, followed up with a condensed version after it’s somewhat established.  The longer intro can help you get more across, just don’t overuse it.  Keeping to a shorter intro after the first bit of released content will ensure that viewers stick around for your content.  By short I mean generally 10 seconds or less.  You need to capture attention, get your logo, name, website, phone number, or whatever you’re trying to get out there and then move on to what they wanted to see.

Good Video Etiquette

• Short intro (less than 10 seconds if you can)
• Content
• Then ask for like, subscription, follow, and so on

Remember these three tips during your video editing.  You are generally going to miss out on some people watching your videos all the way through or annoy them if you stop before your content to ask for a like in ten different places, a follow, and a subscription.  You should in almost every case wait until the end of your video.