With the latest major update of WordPress 4.2.2 there seem to be some quirks to the update process.  If you are on the WordPress user dashboard and having issues with the update either stopping or loading to a blank page on the right side, you might be in luck for an easy fix.

Fixing WP 4.2.2 Update Issue

First, as always with any updates you should backup your website.  It’s easy not to backup with how streamlined the update process normally is, but it only takes one huge error during updating to make you happy that you have a full backup waiting.

Next go into your plugins area on the dashboard.  Do a check of plugins you have active so you know which ones to reactivate in a moment.  Deactivate all plugins using the check all and bulk actions drop down.

Go back to the WordPress Update panel and try again once all of your plugins are shut off.  Things will likely be in working order.  Don’t forget to activate and update your plugins after WP update is complete.

That’s it!

Chances are this will fix your WordPress updating button not working, stopping, or sending you to a blank page.  I hope this post saved you some frustration!